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Dominic has been a Graphic Designer since 2001. He has a wide range of artistic background from Drawing, Painting, Graphic Designing, Photography and many more.  He is currently with Ro-marong Grafix Ghana Ltd. as a Senior Creative Designer and a Supervisor. Dominic loves helping his clients to promote the businesses they are passionate about and watching them grow and thrive.


Our passion is to give life to your creative imagination. We achieve this by combining attractive colors and text alignment that appeals to even short attention span individuals. Our custom graphic designs enable you reach your desired clients as well as generate more leads.


Your website is the most crucial component of your marketing strategy. It serves as the center of your online presence. We will develop a website that depicts credibility and to give your business the right platform for excellence.


We believe that your logo speaks your vision and Mission statement, as well as represents your brand. Logo is a good marketing tool for your business if it’s built with credible concepts integrated into your business.

Our logos are customized and designed to represent and distinguish your brand in the market place.

Our services include Graphic Designs, Vehicle Branding, Photography, Digital Printing, T-Shirt Printing, Embroidery, Web Design etc.
We also serve clients from all over the country via email and phone. we are dedicated to personalized one-on-one service.
Dominic Afari

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Graphic Designs | Vehicle Branding | Website Design | Video Editing | Digital Printing | T-Shirt Printing | Embroidery etc.